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Cromy Joins the Assembly Ecosystem

What do Luke Skywalker, the Care Bears and the Justice League have in common? You could buy them all as Cromy stickers and trading cards in South America in the 80’s and 90’s. Just shy of 40 years later, Cromy evolved as NFTs and is celebrating a brilliant comeback on the Assembly network. Welcome to the ecosystem!


Cromy: la empresa de figuritas que fue furor en los ‘80 vuelve de una forma imprevista

La compañía de figuritas supo brillar en la década de los 80 y los 90; ahora, los herederos de la marca retoman el legado que dejó su padre para continuarlo en el metaverso.


Mítica empresa de figuritas se mete en el metaverso para hacer más accesibles los NFT

La empresa de figuritas fundada en 1982 supo ser la más importante de America Latina en los años ´80 y ´90. Su objetivo es promover el acceso a los cripto-coleccionables (NFT) mediante su plataforma Cromyverse.


Iconic Figurine Cromy returns with NFT collectibles

The figurine company, founded in 1982 and known for its success in Latin American markets until the 1990s, has just joined the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), now purchasable in the metaverse as collectibles.


Cromy launches a collection of figurines for the metaverse

In its heyday, Cromy released 169 card games, 69 figurine albums and more than 100 collectibles in multiple formats.


First NFT comic release in the #IOTA ecosystem by RRCC

The first NFT comic in the #IOTA ecosystem was released by Rusty Robot Country Club, powered by Cromy.io